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Today I announced that I am shutting down most of Glencode’s operations. This includes the development of CacheWarmer. (I encourage you to read the announcement, it gives more detail that I’m not repeating here.) …

Restart devices to take advantage of Caching immediately?

There is a new modal alert that appears in macOS Server 5.2 when Caching is started successfully. I didn’t cover it in my review but I’ve seen it cause some confusion so I’ll discuss it now. (And this ended up being so long it probably deserves its own post.)

macOS Sierra

We have tested CacheWarmer 17 on macOS Sierra and found no issues. We cannot vouch for older versions so please update to 17 if you are using CacheWarmer on macOS Sierra.

Responding to peer pressure

The newly renamed macOS Server 5.2 has now shipped and there are changes for Caching Server. macOS Server 5.2, like last year’s OS X Server 5, runs on multiple versions of OS X/macOS – both OS X El Capitan (10.11.6+) and the just released macOS Sierra. …

Filtering in CacheWarmer 17

CacheWarmer 17 includes a new Filtering feature that fulfills the #1 customer request for CacheWarmer: a configurable limit on what CacheWarmer downloads. (Filtering is a licensed a feature.)

How to

iCloud caching grows up

It’s not unusual in software development for groundwork to be laid in one version for a pay off in future versions. Such is the nature of Caching in OS X Server 5 and 5.1. Version 5 introduced Personal Caching but the big payoff for the feature comes in 5.1 as Personal Caching is extended to support Shared iPad, an tentpole education feature in iOS 9.3.

The reduced footprint of CacheWarmer 15

Version 15 reduces CacheWarmer’s download footprint in 4 ways:

1. OS X updates are now opt-out

A customer requested this on the basis that Macs can still use (and prefer) Software Update Service.

Bet on bigger disks

In my OS X Server 5 review I said this regarding iCloud Acceleration, “ will need more disk, if you don’t have it spare.” But it’s not just iCloud Acceleration that’s consuming more space on our Caching Servers. 

The effect of RAM on Caching

In Unboxing Caching Server I recommend upgrading a Caching server’s RAM to 16 or 32 GB in order to keep more of the frequently requested assets resident in memory. (This is not a Caching feature, it’s an OS X feature that all processes leverage.) …

What CacheWarmer downloads and why

We’ve had a couple of customer requests for changes to what CacheWarmer downloads or at least the ability to change what CacheWarmer downloads.

A quick review: CacheWarmer is designed for Caching Server customers with at least medium (>10) deployments of given iOS device models. …

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